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Event Medical Services offers customized solutions for both businesses and public institutions. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

Event Medical Services offers health emergency preparedness for businesses.

Health emergency preparedness for businesses

At Event Medical Services, we specialize in assembling and delivering health emergency preparedness solutions for businesses, such as amusement parks, offshore/maritime, or company emergency response teams.

Based on your needs and requirements, we provide healthcare advice and expertise from the industry and put together the right solution for you.

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Services for Region and Municipality

Region and Municipality

Event Medical Services offers flexible and customized prehospital services to municipalities and regions.

Our services include:

  • ambulance transport
  • non-emergency patient transport
  • interhospital transport

Learn more about our services for regions and municipalities.

Mine and Ammunition Clearance

Mine and Ammunition Clearance

In mine and ammunition clearance operations, safety and expertise are of paramount importance.

Event Medical Services takes pride in being a leading specialist in prehospital preparedness, and we offer comprehensive prehospital services for these potentially hazardous operations.

Learn more about mine and ammunition clearance

Event Medical Services offers Health services for businesses

Health services for businesses

Having healthy employees in the workplace is good for business, and at Event Medical Services, we believe in this. As an employer, you can take initiatives to improve the health in the workplace, which will have positive consequences for both the bottom line and the work environment.

We offer various preventive health solutions that can be customized to your company's needs and planning. We can also come to your company and carry out the various health services, making it as easy as possible for you to ensure the health of your company.

All our health solutions

Amusement parks

Event Medical Services offers first aid and emergency services for amusement parks and other large attractions where many people gather.

Business emergency response

Previously called "bedriftværn" in Danish, it is legally required that critical infrastructure has an emergency response plan in place to ensure continued operations and swift action in case of an emergency.

Region and Municipality

Event Medical Services provides customized prehospital services to municipalities and regions, including ambulance transport and patient transportation.

We collaborate closely with local authorities to address specific needs.

Mine and Ammunition Clearance

Let Event Medical Services handle prehospital safety for mine and ammunition clearance.

Maritime services

We offer health services to the maritime and offshore industry as well as seafarers traveling through Danish waters. This ensures that your employees on board can always feel safe in case of illness or accident.

Health care substitutes

Event Medical Services offers health care substitutes to the health care sector. We can provide, for example:

  • nurses
  • doctors
  • paramedics
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